St. Hubert​’​s Key - 2020

by Wiens / Caloia / Burns

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SAINT HUBERT'S KEY, with Nicolas Caloia, Chris Burns and myself, Rainer Wiens, is a project that helped me to survive the pandemic without doing something stupid and destructive. To be able to get together, share music, human contact, and slivovitz made a big, positive difference in my life.

The trio is a bit out of the ordinary in as far as, right from the beginning, we weren't aiming at gigs or any future goals. For us, there was only the present and even the next session would not be built upon what had worked previously, but on what we could find together in the moment. This gave (gives) us a tremendous sense of freedom.

For myself, I even felt relieved of the need to make "good" music, at times playing something "wrong" over and over and listening closely to how it affected the group texture. It made me think a lot; about how I decide what is wrong or right, or can wrong be made right with repetition or subtle changes by the others?

I think that Nic, turning his bass into a minimalist noise pattern weapon, or spending 15 minutes listening to how a metal knitting needle would alter the sound terrain, also focused on exploration. I remember Chris playing a slightly tricky James Brown drum pattern, and listening how that crashed against a 23\16 guitar line and Nic's stuttering, distorted staccato bass.

This gift of surprise and discovery, at the heart of SHK, is as good as it gets and gives us endurance. Hopefully, it also gives you some pleasure.
Rainer Wiens


released January 29, 2021

Rainer Wiens – Guitar, Kalimbas
Nicolas Caloia - Gibson EB3L
Christopher Burns - Drums

Carved in Lava - mastering
recorded at Studio Atobop August 31, 2020


all rights reserved



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